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“From our very first interaction, I was impressed by Mic's deep understanding of canine behavior and his ability to quickly assess my dog's needs. He took the time to listen attentively to my concerns and goals, ensuring that he tailored his training approach to meet our specific requirements.” -Mary Williams (Bailey’s Mom)


At Professional Dog Training Solutions, we understand that finding the right partner to address your dog's training and behavior modification needs can be a daunting task. If you have tried other training companies in the past without success, rest assured that you have finally found the solution you've been searching for.

We are here to guide you on a transformative journey with your canine companion, helping you overcome any behavioral challenges and build a strong, harmonious bond. With our expertise, personalized approach, and commitment to excellence, we are confident that we can make a positive difference in your dog's life.

We know that every dog is unique, and that's why we tailor our training programs to meet the specific needs of each individual. Whether you have a new puppy in need of basic obedience training or a rescue dog with behavioral issues, our experienced team will develop a customized training plan to address your dog's specific challenges.

Even if you have encountered setbacks in the past, we are here to help. We have a proven track record of success and are confident in our ability to guide you toward the results you desire. We will work closely with you to understand your goals and concerns, providing ongoing support throughout the training process.

At Professional Dog Training Solutions, we are not just passionate about training dogs; we are committed to empowering owners like you. We will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to reinforce the training principles at home, ensuring a seamless transition from our sessions to your daily life.

So, whether you're looking to address basic obedience, behavior modification, or advanced training techniques, we invite you to join us at Professional Dog Training Solutions. Together, we can unlock your dog's full potential, strengthen your bond, and create a lifetime of harmony and happiness.

Welcome to our family and get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey of transformation with your beloved furry companion.

The Process…

At Professional Dog Training Solutions, we strive to ensure a simple and personalized process for our valued clients. Allow us to guide you through the steps to get started:

Step 1: Take the time to explore our comprehensive website, where you will find valuable information about our training programs and approach. If you have any questions or need further clarification, we encourage you to reach out to us via phone. Our knowledgeable team is here to address any concerns you may have.

Step 2: Once you have familiarized yourself with our offerings, it's time to book an appointment. We offer various options tailored to meet your specific needs. Rest assured, there is no payment required at the time of booking. Our consultations are priced at $200 for a 90-minute session, and this fee will be applied towards the training program you choose following the consultation.

Step 3: Upon confirming your appointment, we will promptly send you a questionnaire via email. This questionnaire is designed to help us gain a better understanding of your pet and your specific requirements. We kindly request that you complete the questionnaire and return it to us prior to your appointment.

Step 4: On the scheduled day of your appointment, our expert trainer will visit your home for an approximately 90-minute session. During this time, we will begin addressing any issues you may be facing. Furthermore, we will discuss our comprehensive training programs and jointly determine the solution that best aligns with your goals and the needs of your pet. In the event that we successfully resolve your training or behavior problems within the 90-minute consultation, or if you decide not to proceed further with our services, only the consultation fee of $200 will be owed.

Step 5: Once you have selected the program that suits your requirements, it's time to embark on your training journey. Our team will guide you every step of the way as you begin witnessing the positive changes in your pet's behavior.

We understand the importance of simplicity and personalization throughout this process, and we are here to provide exceptional support and guidance. Choose Professional Dog Training Solutions, and together, let's achieve remarkable results for you and your beloved pet.

Quality Over Quantity…

At Professional Dog Training Solutions, our core philosophy revolves around prioritizing quality over quantity. We firmly believe in providing an extraordinary experience to every owner and their canine companion, which is why we limit the number of clients we take on each month. While our prices may be higher than those of our competitors, rest assured that our service is unparalleled.

As a boutique-style training company, we intentionally restrict our client base to a maximum of 10 active training clients at any given time. This deliberate approach allows us to devote ample time and attention to each client and their dog. With sessions scheduled twice a week, we are able to deliver exceptional results and ensure remarkable progress in your dog's training journey.

Our lower volume of clients also means that we prioritize effective and seamless communication. We value open and transparent dialogue with our clients, and our reduced workload enables us to be highly accessible and responsive. You can count on us to be there for you every step of the way, providing guidance, answering questions, and addressing any concerns promptly.

If you're seeking next-level customer service and an unparalleled training experience, we invite you to schedule an appointment with us today. Experience the difference that our commitment to quality, personalized attention, and exceptional results can make in the training and development of your beloved pet.


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"Our experience with Professional Dog Training Solutions has been nothing short of amazing. Mic's expertise and patience helped transform our anxious rescue pup, Luna, into a confident and well-behaved companion. The results speak for themselves. Thank you, Mic, for your dedication."

Mark and Emily Thompson

"We were skeptical after trying multiple trainers, but Professional Dog Training Solutions exceeded our expectations. Mic Foster's training methods and tailored program worked wonders for our mischievous Beagle. His obedience skills have improved immensely. We're grateful for the outstanding guidance!"

The Johnson Family

"Words cannot express our gratitude towards Professional Dog Training Solutions. Mic's professionalism and deep understanding of canine behavior shone through during our sessions. With his guidance, our energetic Bella has become a well-mannered and attentive companion. Mic is truly a dog whisperer!"

One happy customer

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We Can Train Any Dog

All Breeds. All Ages. All Issues.                                    Located in Columbus, Ohio